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In our shop we stock labels such as Monari, Cecil, Rabe, Betty Barclay, Betty & Co, Green Goose, Sommermann, Stehmann, Angels, Frank Walder, Doris Streich, Zerres, Kalisson, Bagoraz, MAC, Angels and Lebek.

  • Women's fashion from Monari. Sweatshirts, sweaters, women's jackets, jeans and the new collections from Monari.


    From the Monari label you will find high-quality women's fashion such as sweatshirts , shirts , sweaters and trousers in our range. Monari's outfits are the ultimate eye-catcher. From business looks to casuals to leisure fashion , we have everything ready.

    Women's fashion from Monari 
  • Vests, shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans from Cecil.


    The company, based in Isernhagen near Hanover, was founded in 1989 and impresses with 12 new fashion collections every year. Complete outfits from shirts , blouses , trousers to outdoor jackets are available from Cecil .

    Cecil women's clothing 
  • Green Goose – women’s fashion from Bavaria. Women's jackets from Green Goose, Dawnfree of course.

    Green Goose

    Sustainable fashion made from partly recycled PET, polyester and nylon and vegan wool for a better eco-balance. Green Goose only uses synthetic fibers . Downfree is the motto. The stylish outdoor jackets from Green Goose are a “must-have” for us.

    Outdoor jackets from Green Goose 
  • Women's fashion from Upper Franconia. Blazer Frank Walder, Schlusen Frank Walder, Cardigan Frank Walder can be found here.

    Frank Walder

    Women's fashion from the tranquil Münchberg in Upper Franconia and Made in Europe. The traditional company - formerly known as the Frankenwädler label - was founded in 1953 and stands for feminine fashion . Occasion-related combination themes are the flagship.

    Blazer and blouses by Frank Walder 
  • Women's fashion from MAC Jeans. In the shop you will find models such as MAC Easy, MAC Mel, MAC Dream Chic, MAC Skinny and MAC Dream Skinny


    As a finalist for the German Sustainability Award , MAC has set itself the ambitious goal of creating “circuit-based” jeans . In our range we have women's jeans such as MAC Mel , Dream Chic and Skinny from the company founded in Wald/Roßbach in 1973.

    You can find MAC jeans here 
  • Women's fashion from Lebek - quilted jackets, quilted vests, women's vests and outdoor jackets.

    Barbara Lebek

    We have jackets , coats and vests from Lebek ready for you in our shop. The company, based in Bad Marienberg, was founded in 1923 and is a specialist in the field of outdoor fashion .

    Women's jackets from Barbara Lebek 
  • Women's fashion from Portugal. We have fashionable shirts for women ready for you.


    Women's fashion from Portugal from Givec. Colorful shirts with unusual prints are the trademark of the fashion label . A unique handwriting is guaranteed.

    Bagoraz women's fashion 
  • Jeans from Angels - women's trousers from Germany. Angel Ornella, Angel Darleen, Angel Louisa, Angel Skinny


    Jeans of a special kind. Whether destroyed look , unusual washes or elegant rhinestone jewelry, the five-pocket jeans leave nothing to be desired and are a must-have for the fashion-conscious woman .

    Angels jeans can be found here 
  • Zerres women's trousers. Models such as Jeans Zerres Twigy, Jegging Zerres Leggy, Jeans Zerres Gina Wellness, Jeans Zerres Cora can be found in the online shop.


    Founded in 1919, the family business has become an integral part of the top collections for women's trousers . Trendy skinny jeans, feminine jeans with a comfort waistband, super comfortable wellness jeans and jogging pants - everything is available from Zerres .

    Jeans and trousers from Zerres 
  • Kalisson – women’s fashion from Portugal. From dresses and shirts to denim jackets for women. You can find women's fashion from Kalisson in our online shop.


    The sister of Bagoraz and also a label of Givec . Multicolor is also the trademark here. Anyone who loves something special has come to the right place.

    Kalisson women's clothing 
  • Women's clothing from Betty & Co - shirts and sweatshirts

    Betty & Co

    Betty & Co a brand of the Betty Barclay Group. Young fashion with a great price-performance ratio.

    Women's fashion from Betty & Co 
  • Sommermann - blazers and blouses


    Blouses , blouses and blazers from Sommermann guarantee the best quality. On the market and available from us for over 100 years. Most of the production takes place in Germany. The company headquarters is in Bad Steben.

    Blazers and blouses from Sommermann 
  • Women’s fashion – Made in Germany. Shirts, twin sets, sweaters, blouses and cardigans from Rabe Fashiongroup can be found here.


    Women's fashion from Rabe . We have sweaters and shirts from the company founded in 1920 in our range for you.

    View Rabe fashion 
  • Fashion by Doris Streich – German brand fashion. Sweatshirts, shirts and blazers from Doris Streich.

    Doris Streich

    The company, founded in 1947, is now run by the third generation. Casual cuts and unusual models with attention to detail are typical of this label.

    Women's fashion by Doris Streich 
  • Women's trousers and jeans - Jeans Tony Dress My best friend

    Toni Dress

    The trousers specialist for fashion-conscious “bestagers” . Great fits and high wearing comfort are guaranteed. We carry Relaxed by Toni in our shop.

    Pants from Toni Dress 
  • Women's fashion from Betty Barclay. We have Betty Barclay shirts, quilted vests, jackets, sweatshirts, blouses, vests, sweaters, cardigans and scarves in stock for you.

    Betty Barclay

    This renowned label for women's fashion is an indispensable part of the fashion market. From sweaters , sweatshirts , cardigans, shirts to outdoor jackets , we have everything in stock for you.

    Sweatshirts and more from Betty Barclay 
  • Stehmann – Exclusive women’s trousers for the fashion-conscious woman.


    Stehmann women's trousers guarantee the best wearing comfort. The jeggings with a pull-on waistband are not only comfortable but can be used for all occasions.

    Shop Stehmann trousers 
  • From casual to business, we have a selection of brands Venti and Casa Moda for the fashion-conscious man.

    Casa Moda

    The company from which we source most of our men's fashion was founded around 100 years ago in Oldenburg, northern Germany. From casual to business , we have a selection of brands Venti and Casa Moda for the fashion-conscious man .

    A man’s thing 
  • Women's fashion and women's clothing from Tamaris.


    Tamaris - known for its range of shoes - is now producing women's fashion for the first time. Dresses , denim jackets , trousers and blouses from Tamaris can now be found in our range.

    Women's fashion from Tamaris 
  • Exclusive women's fashion of the finest quality


    Our relative, Friedrich Seidel GmbH from Treuen, is, like us, an owner-managed family business . For over 110 years, they have been producing exclusive women's fashion in the finest quality, with great attention to detail and from high-quality materials. Your items are all designed and produced in Germany.

    Women's fashion from Seidel 
  • Women's trousers and dresses from Marinello and M.X.O. can be found in our shop.

    Textile Karntner

    The family run fashion label based in St. Vallentin in Austria was founded in 1965. Producing sustainable fashion is at the top of the agenda at Textil Karntner . Women's trousers and dresses from Marinello and MXO can be found in our shop.

    Pants & dresses from Karntner